About Us

Our curriculum is based on Montessori Pedagogy; practical life, sensorial, geometry, maths, language, science, geography, culture and diversity, arts & crafts, movement & music in preparation for school. With the added bonus of sign language! Through the importance of Play, we have uniquely extended the curriculum and teach the children sign language so that every child from a different culture can still communicate and interact with adults and other children. Songs and nursery rhymes will also be taught in sign language. We are very strong advocates in the promotion and awareness of child protection and again, through the importance of Play, we teach the children ‘Kids Self Defense’ (physical activities) subtly talking about stranger danger, evasion and avoidance.

Every child’s journey is unique and is recorded in a Learning story book that is filled with paintings, collages, drawings and photographs of your child.

Every morning, experienced and positive carers present your child with a range of age appropriate indoor and garden activities to engage and promote their development and independence.

Treating children as individuals, we delight in helping children develop emotionally, socially and physically in stimulating enabling environments with a rich curriculum delivered by caring staff who support the children warmly and sensitively to grow up as confident, inquisitive individuals who love learning.

Our Free ECCE and Montessori times are from 9am to 12am Monday to Friday with a break for snack at 10.45.


We provide organic fruit or yogurt and bottled water.